Things learnt along the way…

WordItOut-word-cloud-376600Ok then, after one entire semester and two Nukkad Natak performances, I have come at terms with the level of dedication the Dramatics Club requires. Having keenly observed our seniors and getting into the groove with the underlying reason why we do Nukkad Natak, I have come to realize a thing or two about the dynamics involved. Initially, I used to have this feeling about myself that I have a great passion for performance arts, that I have pretty good skills regarding dramatics and that once I go to college; I will be an asset for the Dramatics Club over there. Only if I had realized how gullible it was to think this on my part! Not saying that I was completely wrong and had made myself believe something like a fool, but that joining the IIT-J Nukkad Mandali has been an eye opener and that too, on many levels.

First and foremost, the club is a great leveler, and quite frankly puts things into perspective. You get to meet people, know their thought processes, and get to develop and maturate your own. No matter what mama said, you are NOT god’s special snowflake. There are 20 more of you in any given area. The only optimistic approach you will need when this realization dawns on to you is to find the people you love and a thing which you love doing and do it. People will notice!

The next pivotal part of this club is scripting. Well, I for one haven’t been the part of this activity being a newbie, but have certainly deduced a thing or two about the intricacy involved. Essentially, an “artist” with nothing to say is “retired”. Going by this adage, you really need real-life experiences, you need ideas and emotions flowing through you when you’re actively creating, and even more so when you are not.

As is the case with most of the acquired skill sets, one should always remember this – you’re not done learning. One simply can’t sport a know-it-all attitude with people he is working with. A highly flexible and personalized outlook is necessary to remain an active, versatile and productive club.

Now there’s something which I don’t associate to having learnt upon joining the club. It is something which I believe in inherently. Showing professionalism along with your passion towards pure, romantic art is not always a bad idea. Adding fresh dash of creative and commercial ideas apart from staying close to your roots will prove to be an added bonus. Having a plan helps, really!

Then obviously, talking about being the part of an extended and a special family, I should say I love being the part of this Bakait group. The level of fun and entertainment we have is surely unmatched. And boy, should I mention the jealous looks of my peers when they see me exhausted on returning from those frequent and well deserved parties?

It has been a great start, so to say. Desperately waiting for what lies ahead…



  1. Tanmay Sethi · March 29, 2014

    Keep this spirit up 😀

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