The Good Road

Oh, she had been such a mess when he had seen her for the first time!

Hair tied up in an untidy ponytail, chugging away cans of beer, her eyes (a beautiful shade of hazel) now looking bloodshot, desperately trying to flirt with the rather dumb bartender (contrary to the popular belief of them being suave), her beer-stained-still-wet tops serving as an eye candy to the strange men grooving past her. The loud music was making her wild. The dark ambiance had not shrouded her, but had strangely added to her gloom, somehow making her stand out to him. He was completely fixated at her.

Well this one was definitely a pity-at-first-sight, so to speak. But still…

Initially, there had been disgust at her lascivious pouts, and then slowly, that had transformed into pity at her ungracious demeanor. But gradually, steadily, progressively, he had felt drawn towards her. There was something about her, something disturbing. Something that needed a cure, something that wanted to be heard, something that wanted a good, warm cuddle. Beneath that raving soul, he could make out a sad, silent hum. A hum so loud that she had come to this pub to overwhelm it. And, he walked towards her. Why, you ask? Even he wasn’t sure… He had never been impulsive his whole life; every decision he ever took was cold and calculated. But this time, it was different, he could sense it. And it was unsettling. Yet, he chose to approach her…

Two hours later, he had dropped her at her home. He walked back his way past that silent suburb. Paved, wet roads. Giant, arching trees filtering the moonlight. He kept walking silently. The crickets kept chirping in their monotones. His eyes were moist. There was a deep, uncomfortable, almost heart-aching feeling that kept ricocheting inside his head. The way she had cried on his shoulders! Not cried, wailed! He had most certainly been taken aback at that point. But he knew she had needed a ‘tuning’, a reality check, a bounce back. Big time…

As she had wetted his shirt from her tears of angst and agony, he had felt salvated from his own demons. After all those years, he had finally found a way out. A path towards his redemption. It was a mutual, symbiotic union. Her tears had purged his suppressed anxiety. His shoulders had given abode to her grieving soul. What more could both of them have asked for?

Today, after nineteen years of marriage, three beautiful daughters, and those countless little meanwhile moments, there they were! Strolling out in that open expanse of their ranch, while their girls enjoyed their holiday time back in the farmhouse, they saw the sun bidding farewell to another great day. A great day for the world, a great day for their daughters (thankfully!). But just another day which both of them survived. They stopped. Looked at each other. Smiled. He moved towards her and kissed her. A passionate yet tender kiss. Then they stood out in the ranch holding out each other’s hand watching the sun descend, their healing souls a testimony of the true power of love. And yet, none of them knew how long would it work like this. But for now, they had each other. For solace, for strength, for peace…




  1. Shreyas Srivastava · September 27, 2014

    Hauntingly beautiful. The tone, the word choice, the characters and the contrasts, everything is just perfect!!

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